Industrial Design Services

Furniture Design 

Looking to expand your furniture product range, or introduce a unique furniture piece? We create unique designs to your specifications and brand identity, assisting with the design process from conceptualization to prototype and production.  This include 3D CAD models with engineering specifications for  parts, assembly and cutting profiles to be used for CNC machining. We can also assist with the design of wood products that require bending wood.

Sheet Metal Design

We create 3D CAD models for sheet metal components which require cutting, bending, drilling and more. This include DWG and DXF drawings for sheet metal fabrication with CNC machining. 

Packaging Design

We design packaging tailored to your specifications, including graphics, the template for die cutting, and innovative solutions to make your product stand out. 

Packaging design for wine and spirits, non-perishable consumables, handcrafted,home made product and more.

Plastic Design

All plastic products requires surface modelling in 3D CAD before a mold can be made for Injection molding, Vacuum forming, and Thermo casting. We assist wit the design of your product, 3D CAD model and prototype, making use of 3D printing. We can introduce you to reliable suppliers for tooling and  manufacturing if required.

Expo & Stage Design

Provide us with the floor plan, and we can assist you to create your custom design. We can introduce you to reliable suppliers for setup, assembly and break down.

Interior Store Design

We assist with your layout design, as well as the interior design of the work space, and decor. Each design is custom to your specifications. We can introduce you to reliable suppliers for setup, assembly and break down.